Project Description

John Maxwell Leadership Training

For many people, they believe success is a destination or an event. The truth is, success is actually a journey and a process. The biggest secret to success is simply realizing that success is first a process.  From there, one must go about finding and following a blueprint of that process.

In order to be truly successful in life, one must be a leader. The hardest person on the planet to lead, is yourself.  Your level of success in life is determined by the level of leadership skills you possess.

John C. Maxwell is the #1 Leadership Author and Trainer on the Planet and Founder of John Maxwell Training.

Maurice Evans is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team and is a Certified John C. Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer.  He is an expert at helping people come to the realization of the need for process on their journey to success.  He helps them create and implement a blueprint to empower them to overcome the “ignorance barrier” and experience a high level of success.