Project Description

Epic Abundance Vision Statement

Pastor Moe’s ministry exists to REACH non-believing people, CONNECT them with other Christians to help them GROW in their faith and KNOW they’re position as children of God; To challenge their growth and help them DISCOVER their ministry so they will HONOR God with their lives while walking on the path of their DESTINY

Our various ministries seek to accomplish a practical understanding and working of seven basic precepts within the life of the believer: evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, Sonship, ministry, worship and calling.

Missions & Values


Epic Abundance Ministries exists to empower people in all nations to fulfill their destiny by living a God-filled lifestyle with Jesus as the center of all things.

Guiding Principles:

God has called Epic Abundance Ministries to live out the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by being “fishers of men” and turning people into disciples of Jesus and teaching them to do the same.

By LIVING a life full of Jesus, and practically applying God’s word in our own lives, we will be able to reach out to each other without pretence, and share the experiences, successes, burdens and failures that come with living a lifestyle of faith.  Avoiding religiosity, we will strive to always be real with one another and encourage each other to discover and fulfil our own individual and collective God given destiny.